NDP Calls For Concrete Action To Reduce Sports Injuries

Don Cherry’s comments are inappropriate and misguided

October 15, 2011

MONTREAL — While the debate on sports violence is becoming more and more relevant as several star players have had to put their careers on hold after sustaining injuries, NDP Sports Critic, Pierre Nantel, says that Don Cherry overstepped the line when he described three former NHL enforcers as “pukes” and “hypocrites”.

 “Don Cherry’s comments are inappropriate. As professionals, players have responsibilities. They are examples for all the young people who watch this sport. Every week, Don Cherry speaks to thousands of viewers, including youth and parents. Is this really the example we want to show them?”

 Two weeks ago, the NDP unveiled their strategy to reduce the number of sports injuries, providing concrete action to deal with the growing number of concussions in amateur and youth athletes.

 The bill proposes a national sports injury surveillance and data collection system, concussion guidelines and a deterrent mechanism to ensure athletes are not being returned to play against expressed medical recommendations, as well as national training and educational standards for coaches.

 The NDP’s concrete proposals highlight the consequences of serious injuries on athletes’ quality of life. Research has shown that concussions arising from fights and hard hits have harmful effects on the physical and mental health of players. It is time to take action, not to insult those who wish to see a shift in mentality in the world of sport.