Stand up for our CBC

After the massive job losses and programming cancellations due to Conservative cuts to the CBC, the NDP has called for action to save the CBC. Following the NDP Opposition Day debate on the crisis of the CBC on May 16th 2014, MPs will vote on an NDP motion to cancel the Conservatives' 45 million-dollar-cut to the CBC, currently planned for 2014-2015. Clearly, with hundreds of job cuts, shrinking services, and a mandate at risk, the CBC needs a break.

Pierre Nantel's motion to be voted on on Monday May 26th 2014 goes as follows: 

That, in the opinion of the House, CBC/Radio-Canada plays a key role in informing, entertaining and uniting Canadians and is today weakened because of the many rounds of cuts over the past 20 years, and calls on the government to: (a) reverse the $45 million in cuts for 2014-2015 in Budget 2012; and (b) provide adequate, stable, multi-year funding to the public broadcaster so that it can fulfill its mandate.


We need your voice. Support your MPs defending the CBC in the House of Commons today -- and add your voice to support a strong, free public broadcaster.